PyroPal a bioluminescent sea turtle

This Sea Turtle has a Story to Tell and we need your help to tell it.  PyroPal is a turtle-shaped aquarium that has been designed to hold PyroDinos.  PyroFarms has designed PyroPal for parents, educators and especially kids.  The polycarbonate structure is durable and can be used in classrooms, camps and other teaching situations.  
Currently all we have is a single prototype of PyroPal.  We are launching a Kickstarter (crowdfunding) campaign to raise the funds to purchase the tooling and molds to make PyroPal come to life (literally).   Please back our PyroPal campaign using the Kickstarter link provided and help us spread the word about this special little sea turtle and what it represents.  Learn more by watching the video and following the link. 
PyroPal Kickstarter video:
PyroPal Campaign ends October 30th at 10:30pm 

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