biolumescent Dino-Tile bioluminescence
Dino-Tile  / interactive bioluminescence
Dino-Tile  / interactive bioluminescence
Dino-Tile bioluminescent dinoflagellates
Dino-Tile bioluminescent dinoflagellates
Dino-Tile  / interactive bioluminescence

Dino-Tile / interactive bioluminescence

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Touch Response Immersive Bioluminescence

Dino-Tile is a reinforced, flexible, reflective and sealed enclosure of bioluminescent dinoflagellates.   Mind-blowing? YES.  Sciency? Yes, if that is a word. 

Dino-Tile is a self-contained dinoflagellate environment that will produce bioluminescence for several months.  While dinoflagellates are in the Dino-Tile enclosure they will flourish for well over six months with nothing but moderate to low lighting and moderate temperatures.   

The Dino-Tile dinoflagellate enclosure will produce natural light nightly.  This natural blue light is called bioluminescence.  The natural light will be produced when the Dino-Tile is gently touched and interacted with in a dark room during nighttime hours.


Care of Dino-Tile:

  • 1) Moderate Temperatures 58F to 78F (14C – 26C)
  • 2) Moderate Light (no direct sunlight - low light is better than bright light)

Temperature: Dino-Tile dinoflagellates can withstand a wider temperature range if the changes are gradual and light conditions are complimentary.  During periods of warm temperatures (80F+) low lighting is preferred. 

Lighting: NO direct sunlight or any lighting that adds excess heat to the dinoflagellate culture should be employed.  Indirect (naturally reflective) sunlight is good.  LED lighting is also good because it produces minimal heat.

Dino-Tile dinoflagellates will not light up during daytime hours (even in a dark room) no matter how much you yell "Light Up Now baby sea monkeys!"      

Best bioluminescence occurs at least an hour after the dark ‘nighttime’ cycle begins.  Mind-blowing bioluminescence will continue to increase throughout the night.  


Dimensions: 12"x12" square (305mm x 305mm)

Volume: 17oz  (500ml) dinoflagellates    


 The Dino-Tile is guaranteed to provide light night after night for 60 days.  Dino-Tile enclosures will light up for well over six months to a year if proper care is taken.  


It is recommended to open the shipping box within 24 hours of arrival.  These guys need light!

Live PyroDinos are shipped using USPS Priority Mail.  Orders are shipped Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays to prevent weekend delays in shipping.  Tracking will be provided once shipped. 



Dino-Tile from PyroFarms

2019: The 'New-Wave' product has been rebranded "Dino-Tile"