GrowPro System
GrowPro System
GrowPro System
GrowPro System
GrowPro System
GrowPro System
GrowPro System

GrowPro System

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This is the perfect starter system for anyone wanting to Grow Like a Pro.  The GrowPro System is designed for culture expansion (making more PyroDinos) and classroom experimentation.  The GrowPro Flasks provide an ideal environment for PyroDino Maintenance and Expansion.

What's Included:

2 x 250ml GrowPro Flasks with vented caps

1 x 200ml (7oz) PyroDino Spout Pouch

1 x 280ml DinoNutrients Spout Pouch

and detailed instructions

 GrowPro Instructions

About PyroDinos

PyroDinos are bioluminescent marine plankton classified as Pyrocystis fusiformis (aka Dinoflagellates). 

PyroDinos use light to grow (like a plant) and glow blue at night when disturbed.  The natural light produced by these plankton is called Bioluminescence.  PyroDinos will only light up at night, in the dark when gently swirled or shaken. 

PyroDinos will require daily lighting (low to moderate room lighting), 8- 12 hours a day.  It is OK to leave the PyroDinos in their white Spout Pouch for 1 month after delivery.  Our PyroDinos have enough resources in the pouch to sustain them for 6 to 8 weeks.   

PyroDinos will not survive more than 4 or 5 days without daily light.  


We have been growing and selling dinoflagellates since 2011 and guarantee all our dinoflagellates for 60 days after arrival. 


It is recommended to open the shipping box within 24 hours of arrival.  These little plankton need light!

Live PyroDinos are shipped using USPS Priority Mail.  Orders are shipped Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays to prevent weekend delays in shipping.  Tracking will be provided once shipped. 

Shipment to regions experiencing extreme temperatures may be held until moderate temperatures prevail.  Extremes: over 95F or under 35F 

International Shipping: Most international orders will ship on a Monday or Friday.  A phone number is required on all international orders (for the carrier/Customs).  Any duties and taxes will be payable by the purchaser.     

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    Angel A.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Growth Pro System - Optimal Growth and Optimal Protection

    When I got my first set, I tested one container with the cap on just with the top small cap removed ( not twisted closed, just set on) and with the other container with nothing at all. To my surprise, after a month both grew almost identical. So now I have all of them with the caps on with the top small cap removed, because not only works as good, also protects from many contaminants that could invade the culture! And of course you see that nice thick brown layer that has grown, that when you move the container at the shining period, you can see the blue flash even with some lights on! ^_^

    Jon G.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    First time purchase

    Product was unique and interesting. My complaint is that the kit did not come with any instructions.


    Sorry about that. Every kit should come with a printed instruction manual. We also have online resources: