Best Bioluminescent Videos of 2020

The Best of 2020 is probably an oxymoron but we will run with it anyway.   Here are some of the best PyroFarms' videos of 2020. 


Number 5

Our Bio-Light prototype received the most likes on YouTube. 


Number 4

Shine on you Crazy Dinos received a few likes and a copyright claim.  Come on Mr. Floyd you have enough Money and Time already. 

Number 3

This mermaid swam under the radar.  A staff favorite but perhaps a bit artsy or too psychedelic for most folks. 


Number 2

This video has over 10,000 views on YouTube since February of 2020.  Although not technically a 2020 video, this video was edited and re-released in February of 2020.


Number 1

Without a doubt the biolumienscent event in Southern California April-May of 2020 was a highlight in all the low-lights this year.  Here is our illegal beach shoot (remember the beaches were closed) in April when the bioluminescence just started to appear.  I will never forget Carlsbad Police officers telling us 'There's nothing to see here' as bioluminescent waves crashed on the shores behind them.  They were just doing their job,. 

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