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PyroFarms’ mission is to bring the natural wonder, beauty and glow of nature into the home, office and classroom.  We combine the flow of art with the structure of science.   

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better  -Albert Einstein

The citizen scientists at PyroFarms have been growing dinoflagellates (classification: Dinophyceae Pyrocystis fusiformis) for several years.  We call them PyroDinos.  A single PyroDino dinoflagellate cell was isolated off the coast of San Diego several years ago.  From that one cell, PyroFarms has grown trillions (yes trillions with a T) of PyroDinos over the past couple years.  PyroDinos are classified as phytoplankton or microalgae and are plant-like. 

PyroDinos reproduce asexually by simple cell division.  In the span of a week or two weeks, one PyroDino cell will become two cells and so on (under ideal growth conditions).  The PyroDinos’ primary source of life and energy is natural sunlight.  In our Grow Room we use white LED lights to grow and nourish our healthy PyroDinos.  The process is simple, every week or two weeks, fresh filtered DinoNutrients is added to our cultures.  As the PyroDinos multiply, PyroFarms adds more DinoNutrients (filtered purified Pacific Ocean seawater with added micro-nutrients) to their environment to give them the ‘room’ and nutrients to divide and grow.

These photosynthetic PyroDinos are more efficient than land plants at producing oxygen and scientist estimate that all plant-plankton (phytoplankton) are responsible for more than 70% of the air we breathe.  More than every other breath we take!

And to fight climate change, these tiny plankton remove the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), from the air.

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