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Care and Maintenance

PyroDinos (bioluminescent algae) are similar to a typical houseplant in care and longevity. READ MORE

Instructions for bioluminescent PyroDinos and the Bio-Orb

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Blue Light Special

Night Waves

Night Waves

Listen to the light while viewing the music.  In this video we are playing with one of our custom DinoTiles.  This DinoTile is about 6 months old a...
Best Bioluminescent Videos of 2020

Best Bioluminescent Videos of 2020

The Best of 2020 is probably an oxymoron but we will run with it anyway. Here are some of the best PyroFarms' videos of 2020.
Grow Your Own PyroDinos

Grow Your Own PyroDinos

Growing PyroDino dinoflagellates is a lot like taking care of a houseplant.