PyroFarms grows and sells bioluminescent dinoflagellates (dai·now·fla·juh·luhts)

Live orders of Bio-Orbs and PyroDinos should be opened within 12 hours of delivery

Shipments to cold regions (below 35F) may be put on Cold Hold

General care and maintenance of PyroDinos

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The FluoroSphere

Your Fluorescent Flowing Fantasy


Living Light Every Night

Blue Light Special

The Rise and Fall of the Dinos

The Rise and Fall of the Dinos

In this short video, we filmed from below a glass petri dish as we poured PyroDinos into the petri dish
Taking pictures of Bioluminescence

Taking pictures of Bioluminescence

Fortunately, the cameras in our smartphones have improved dramatically over the past couple of years.
The two-color FluoroSphere

The two-color FluoroSphere

As the FluoroGels dissolve into the water, a unique and fascinating fluorescent show develops