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Care and Maintenance

PyroDinos (bioluminescent algae) are similar to a typical houseplant in care and longevity. READ MORE

Instructions for bioluminescent PyroDinos and the Bio-Orb

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'I’ve had my dinos for a year now. They’re still going strong!' Christopher V.


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Blue Light Special

UFO? or new Bio-Light prototype

UFO? or new Bio-Light prototype

This is a polycarbonate culture flask suspended by several shock cords and filled with one liter of our PyroDinos
Adding DinoNutrients - At Night

Adding DinoNutrients - At Night

In this tutorial we show how easy it is to take care of your Bio-Orb. The process of adding DinoNutrients (or as we say 'feeding' your Bio-Orb) is ...
PyroFarms Night Tour

PyroFarms Night Tour

A short clip from a VIP Night Tour at PyroFarms