Bio-Orb Unboxing and Simple Set-Up

Setting up a Bio-Orb is really easy.  Here is video proof. 

The Bio-Orb is ready to fill. Remove the silicone stopper and pour the contents of the white PyroDino spout pouch(s) into the Bio-Orb. Do not add any DinoNutrients at this time. Replace the silicone stopper on the Orb.

Place the Bio-Orb in a location where you would keep a leafy houseplant. PyroDinos require daily filtered sunlight and/or artificial light. We recommend leaving the Bio-Orb in a single location throughout the day and night. A location where the Bio-Orb contents will not overheat due to direct sunlight or intense lighting. Be aware of temperature swings when placing the Bio-Orb near a window or vent. Moderate temperatures are recommended. 9C to 31C (48F to 88F)

Bioluminescent Bio-Orb

Bio-Orb Instructions


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