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Bioluminescent Algae Bloom off the coast of San Diego

Bioluminescent Algae Bloom off the coast of San Diego

We were fortunate enough to have a bioluminescent algae bloom off the coast of San Diego this weekend.  An awesome site indeed as the following pictures will reveal.  The recent rains from tropical storm Kay must have influenced this event. The temperatures at the beginning and end of summer also seem to play a role.  

San Diego California, City of Carlsbad, 'Ponto Beach' September 23, 2022

beach bioluminescence in nature sep 23 2022 san deigo ca

bioluminecent beach PyroDinos PyroFarms

Bioluminescent algae blooms in San Diego have become more common in recent years. We speculate that warmer waters and higher concentrations of CO2 could be the main reasons for the increase in these events. In the past these events would only occur once every few years in San Diego.  Now they occur multiple times a year at all times of the year.

PyroFarms' Founder Dean Sauer on bioluminescent beach

A PyroFarms collaborator originally isolated a single cell of this algae off the coast of San Diego in 2009. From that single cell, PyroFarms grows and sells these bioluminescent algae (phytoplankton). We sell plankton that we call PyroDinos.  PyroDinos use sunlight to grow (like a plant) and produce a brilliant blue light at night called bioluminescence.

Bioluminescent PyroDino three pack at night from PyroFarms





This algae is more than just beautiful.  PyroDinos also remove the greenhouse gas CO2 from our environment. PyroDinos along with our oceans' algae remove more CO2 than all land plants combined, thus making them our number one ally in fighting climate change. 

 bioluminecent beach image san diego CA

One common misunderstanding is that this algae smells bad.  This is not true.  Most algae (phytoplankton) like PyroDinos do not eat - thus they do not poop.  They use the sun's energy along with CO2 to produce sugars for energy and produce clean odorless oxygen as a byproduct. However, when they crash (die) bacteria and other microorganisms that feed on them do smell foul, deplete oxygen levels in the water and kill fish by asphyxiation. 

   PyroFarms founder and CEO Dean Sauer on bioluminescent beach

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