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Bioluminescent Bloom in San Diego

Bioluminescent Bloom in San Diego

While marine bioluminescence has been persistent off the Southern California coast this year it has not made it down to San Diego for several months.  That is not until November 11th, (Veterans Day) when it approached Oceanside Jetty.  These are videos and images from this night out on the north jetty.  Enjoy.


Oside Harbor Jetty

Behold Bioluminescence in the moonlight !

Oceanside north jetty biolumiencence

Deep Sea Detective hunting for lobsters

deep sea detective lobster hunting at night

More Bioluminescence !

San Diego bioluminescent waves

And here is the video:

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more bioluminescent waves:

bio waves in san diego CA

A Bioluminescent Event is caused by a Bloom.  A bloom or algal bloom is what scientists refer to when populations of microalgae (also know as dinoflagellates and/or phytoplankton) phase into logarithmic growth.  This sustained logarithmic growth is characterized by rapid cell division of the microalgae under ideal conditions.  These conditions consist of several factors including water temperature, nutrient abundance, coastal currents and wind direction. 

Speculation here at PyroFarms is that the recent and persistent fires in California created tons of ash which were carried offshore by winds.  This ash contains ideal micronutrients for microalgal growth; potash, phosphate, iron, manganese, copper and zinc to name a few.  And of course, climate change has something to do with event occurring in mid-November.  We grow so we should know.

More pretty pictures..

Bioluminecent Event in Oceanside California

Beach Bioluminecence

Grow some Glow of your own.  Our PyroDinos are bioluminescent phytoplankton

The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb

Questions about bioluminescence or growing your own microalgae (PyroDinos)?  Please inquire here:  CONTACT US


Kendra Pearl

What an incredible display of living science! We are amazed with watching out orbs. It’s a sample of God’s never-ending beautiful creations.

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