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Flowing Light - a Pyro Whirlpool

Flowing Light - a Pyro Whirlpool


A pool of PyroDinos (bioluminescent algae) creates natural blue light (bioluminescence) as it continues to flow. Once the movement stops - so does the light. PyroDinos are grown in our farm facility under LED and natural sunlight. They are plant-like algae and are found in oceans all over the planet. 

PyroDinos obtain energy from sunlight through photosynthesis.  In nature the sun is their main source of energy. 

Even though PyroDinos are classified as dinoflagellates they lose their two flagella in the early stages of development.  Like any plant, PyroDinos are non-motile (they can not move on their own).  They can control their buoyancy (their depth in the water column). 

Bioluminescence is caused by a chemical reaction between a light emitting molecule and an enzyme that are generically referred to as luciferin and luciferase. During and throughout the dinoflagellate nighttime cycle these light producing molecules are produced. Thus the longer into the nighttime cycle the more potential for light production.




Darcie Tredwell

Dinoflagellates are amazingly interesting. I have been and am interested in bioluminescent life and came across the product of all your work! I am surprised that they are available to buy and own. Thanks for the science perk! My day needed the light.

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