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Make your own DIY Artificial Seawater

Bio-Orb on Beach sun set

DIY Artificial Seawater:

Materials Needed:

    • GrowPro Sea Salt
    • Distilled Water
    • A Clean Container
    • A Hydrometer or Refractometer for Salinity Measurement
    • DinoNutrients or Concentrated DinoNutrients (optional)


      Measure Distilled Water:

      Begin by measuring the amount of distilled water you'll need based on the volume required for your project. Use a clean container that can hold the intended volume of seawater.


      Add GrowPro Sea Salt at 38g of per liter of water.

      Typically, it's around 1/2 to 3/4 cups of GrowPro Sea Salt per gallon of water.


      Dissolve the Sea Salt:

      Slowly add the GrowPro Sea Salt mix to the distilled water while stirring continuously. Ensure that the salt is completely dissolved. This may take a few minutes.


      Check Salinity:

      Use a hydrometer or refractometer to measure the salinity of the seawater. The ideal salinity for PyroDino cultures is a specific gravity of 1.022 to 1.026. Adjust the amount of GrowPro Sea Salt or distilled water if needed.


      Aging the Seawater (Optional):

      Allow the seawater to age for at least 24 hours before use. This step is optional but can help stabilize the parameters of the water.


      Sterilize the Seawater
      Sterilize the seawater using germicidal UV light, micron filter, a microwave, or a pressure cooker. Recheck the salinity/specific gravity after this step.

      Enriching your Seawater (optional)
      You may enrich the artificial seawater by adding DinoNutrients or concentrated DinoNutrients to each seawater batch. (concentrated DinoNutrients can be purchased by contacting 


      It is recommended to add freshly made DYI artificial seawater to your culture at no more than 10% of total volume (at first) to allow the PyroDinos to adjust to the new conditions. Once your PyroDino culture has adjusted over a few feedings you may begin to add higher percentages of your artificial seawater.


      GrowPro Sea Salt


      bioluminescent DinoTile




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