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New Algae Ink T-Shirt made with Natural Living Ink

New Algae Ink T-Shirt made with Natural Living Ink

Regular ink is for Regular T-Shirts. That's why we teamed up with Farm Fresh Clothing and Living Ink to design this ecofriendly Algae Ink printed T-Shirt, a 100% organic cotton T-Shirt printed with Ink derived from Algae. For those of us constantly looking for ways to lessen our carbon footprint and look good doing it. 

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algae ink t-shirt living ink

The Living Light at Night design was created with help from The Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) alumni and students.

Living Light at Night design

Bioluminescence is the production of light by a living organism . Many types of organisms produce bioluminescence. Some examples are PyroDinos (phytoplankton), fireflies, some jellyfish, mushrooms and bacteria. When you see bioluminescence in a complex organism (like an Angler fish) it is from a symbiotic bacteria that is living within that organism.

Fish that fish using bioluminescence.  Many kinds of Angler Fish inhabit the ocean. But most attention goes to deep-sea variety. So far, scientists have identified 168 species of the strange fish that fish. Did you know that only the female Angler Fish are bioluminescent?  Sorry bros dont glow in the deep. 

About PyroFarms

PyroFarms grows and sells bioluminescent phytoplankton, plankton that can produce light at night and fresh oxygen during the daytime. We sell phytoplankton that we call PyroDinos.  PyroDinos use sunlight to grow (like a plant) and produce a brilliant blue light at night called bioluminescence.  

The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb offers a complete system to grow PyroDinos.   The Bio-Orb is a glass sphere with a flat bottom and a specially designed stopper to allow air exchange but prevents excessive evaporation. The Bio-Orb provides the ideal environment for growing PyroDinos in the home office or classroom. 




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