Shine on You Crazy Dinos - underwater speaker test

An experiment using sound to stimulate bioluminescent dinoflagellates to produce light (bioluminescence).

A small speaker was submerged in a shallow rectangle aquarium filled with bioluminescent algae (marine dinoflagellates). As the sound waves vibrate the water, light is emitted from these single-cell dinoflagellates. The dinoflagellates respond to lower vibrational sound (bass) more than the higher wave sound (treble).

Although there is some confusion caused when multiple sounds (instruments) are played in unison, beautiful confusion.  This light response to sound allows the music to be visualized in the most natural way, by nature.

We used the Pink Floyd song 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond' part VI (Wish You Were Here) because it has isolated instrumentals and is well known. This is the short version (under 1 minute). There is a longer version (over 5 minutes) available on our YouTube channel.

No dinos were harmed in the making of this video. All had a good time.

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