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PyroDinos bioluminescent plankton - 2.5 gallons (10L)

PyroDinos are a bioluminesecent marine micro-algae also known as phytoplankton.  These PyroDinos are the species Pyrocystis fusiformis and require daily light (like a houseplant).  PyroDinos will produce a natural blue light at night when disturbed or moved.  This natural blue light is known as bioluminescence and will only occur during the PyroDino dark cycle (nighttime).  

These PyroDinos can be stored for up to 3 months in the 10-liter carboy container when they receive daily light.  After 3 months (or at anytime before) it is recommended to transfer the PyroDinos to a larger container and begin adding DinoNutrients. 

10 Liters (2.5 Gallons) PyroDinos (@ a minimum 120C/ml)

For bulk orders of PyroDinos and DinoTiles (50 liters or more) please inquire directly to or call 760-335-0990


PyroDinos convert light energy to chemical energy via photosynthesis during the daytime (day cycle).  PyroDinos do not produce bioluminescence during their day cycle.

Consistent daily lighting is required and will yield the best results.  Provide PyroDinos with indirect or filtered sunlight supplemented with room lighting.  A location where you would place a houseplant (like an orchid or tropical plant) should be sufficient.

For optimal results use a light timer with an LED light or LED light strips.  A light timer set at 12 hours on (day cycle) and 12 hours off (night cycle) is a good starting point.  Bright white LED lights work best and colored LED ‘grow lights’ can also be used.  Other types of white lighting can be used as well (incandescent and fluorescent) as long as they do not add heat to the PyroDinos.

Moderate temperatures are recommended.  9C to 31C (48F to 88F).  Under these simple conditions, the PyroDino carboy can thrive for several months.  The ideal temperature is 20C (68F).

PyroDinos are non-toxic but live in DinoNutrients (purified ocean saltwater) which should not be consumed.  Drinking PyroDinos is not harmful but drinking saltwater is not recommended in general. 




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