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PyroDino LED Programmable Grow Light

The PyroDino LED Grow Light is the perfect solution for growing PyroDinos. The Grow Light has been tested and approved by PyroFarms to ensure proper intensity and wavelength. The Grow Light is powered by a USB plug, making it easy to use with a 5V/1000mA USB outlet. With three programmable light settings of 8 hours, 12 hours, and 16 hours, you can customize the light cycle to suit your PyroDino's circadian cycle.

LED Grow Light Only.  Other items shown; Bio-Orbs and Grow Pro Flasks, are sold separately.

The PyroDino LED Grow Light also features adjustable light intensity, allowing you to create the perfect environment for your PyroDinos to thrive. Use lower settings for new PyroDino cultures and higher settings for dense and mature cultures or to increase your growth rate. The PyroDino LED Grow Light is the perfect addition to any PyroDino culture to help you achieve your goals.

So why wait? Order your PyroDino LED Grow Light today and start growing healthier, more vibrant PyroDinos in no time!


The PyroDino LED Grow Light can be used as supplemental lighting or as the sole and main light source. The light can be used above or below the PyroDino container. The USB plug requires a minimum of 5V 1000mA of power

Supplemental lighting: Use lower intensity

     >Try to sync the cycle with the natural light in the room. 

Main light source: Use higher intensity and the 12-hour setting.

Choose the time of day to begin the light cycle program.  The time you initiate the program will be the time of day the Grow Light cycles ON each day.  Changes to the controller during the cycle could disrupt and reset the daily cycle. 

First (top) Button: Increase Brightness (Four Levels)

Second Button: Decrease Brightness (Four Levels)

Third Button: Light Timer
8   Hour cycle of light = Blue  (16 Hours dark)
12 Hour cycle of light = Green (12 Hour dark)
16 Hour cycle of light = Purple (8 Hour dark)

Bottom Button: Power Switch ON/OFF










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