Bio-Orb Instructions

 Bio-Orb Instructions

Your Bio-Orb is ready to fill.  Remove cork and fill with PyroDinos.

Remove cap from PyroDino pouch.  Holding over a sink, pour entire contents of PyroDino pouch into Bio-Orb.  Place Bio-Orb in a moderately lighted area.  Wait five to seven days before feeding with DinoNutrients.   PyroDinos require daily light and moderate temperatures to survive. 

Bio-Orb instructions


Keep the stopper dry.  The Bio-Orb will perform better with a dry stopper.

Place the Bio-Orb in a location that gets low to moderate lighting during daytime hours.

View Bioluminescence during nighttime hours in a dark area.  Swirl gently to induce light.      

NO direct sunlight

Ideal Temperature:  63F to 79F (17C – 26C).  Tyr to minimize temerature fluctuations.  


Maintenance feeding:
Add small amounts of DinoNutrients
(5%-10% of total volume) once every 2 weeks. 




phone: 760-335-0990