Bio-Orb Instructions

Your Bio-Orb is ready to fill

Remove silicone stopper and fill with PyroDinos

Remove cap from PyroDino pouch.  Holding over a sink, pour entire contents of PyroDino pouch into Bio-Orb. 

Place Bio-Orb in a moderately lighted area (low to moderate lighting).  Wait five to seven days before adding DinoNutrients.   PyroDinos require daily light and moderate temperatures to survive. 


Place the Bio-Orb in a location that gets low to moderate lighting during daytime hours. It is best to leave the Bio-Orb in one location and not move it from place to place.

> Typical room or office lighting supplemented with indirect (not direct) sunlight is best.

> NO Direct Sunlight  (indirect sunlight OK)

Ideal Temperature:  63F to 79F (17C – 26C).  Try to minimize temperature fluctuations.  

It is beneficial (but not required) to leave silicone stopper resting at an angle on top of the Bio-Orb hole during daytime hours.  The goal is to increase airflow while limiting evaporation.

It is beneficial (but not required) to gently swirl the Bio-Orb once a day, during daytime hours.

Viewing Bioluminescence

View bioluminescence during nighttime hours (after 7 pm) in a darkened area.  Swirl gently to induce light.   The Bio-Orb will not light up during daytime hours - even in a darkened room!    

Some Key Points about feeding. 

> Feeding is beneficial but not altogether required as long as the PyroDinos have daily light.  

> Overfeeding is detrimental to PyroDinos (They prefer density and do not perform well when over diluted). 

Recommended: Do not add DinoNutrients unless you see a thin line of PyroDinos at the top of the waterline near the edge of the glass: example shown

Healthy PyroDinos

Maintenance feeding:
Add small amounts of DinoNutrients
(5%-10% of total volume) once every 2 weeks.

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