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Introducing the FluoroSphere

The FluoroSphere is a water-filled Orb that sits on a UV light base.  As the FluoroGel dissolves into the water, a brilliant fluorescent light show is produced.  The FluoroSphere is not living and is based on fluorescence.  Fluorescence occurs when a fluorescent compound (FluoroGel) absorbs light of short wavelength (blue/UV) and releases light of a longer wavelength (yellow-green).

The FluoroSphere comes with a 6-inch glass sphere, UV light base and a bottle of FluoroGel.  Once the FluoroSphere is filled with water and placed on the UV light base, FluoroGel is slowly added.  As the red FluoroGel dissolves into water a unique light show begins.  


There are several fun variations based on water movement, water temperature and amount of FluoroGel added.  Every time you fill it you will get a different light show.       

After adding FluoroGel you may leave the FluoroSphere on the light base for as long as you want.  And when you want to start a new FluoroShow simply empty the FluoroSphere in the sink and refill with tap water. 

Different every time you use it, the FluoroSphere will inspire creativity, entertain the not so easily amused and mesmerize. Available now - only at PyroFarms


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