Best of the OctoStand Bio-Orb

Here are some of our favorite images and video of the Bio-Orb on the OctoStand. 

Bio-Orb octopus garden under the sea

The metal Octopus Stand (OctoStand) holds both the 4-inch and 6-inch Bioluminescent Bio-Orb.  

Octopus pink sunset on cliffs   

The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb is filled with natural bioluminescent algae known as dinoflagellates (dai·now·fla·juh·luhts).  We call them PyroDinos. 

OctoStand Bio-Orb hard mix

During the daytime, these PyroDinos absorb light and convert the light energy to chemical energy (photosynthesis).  While they do this, oxygen is created and CO2 is absorbed.  FACT - pytoplankton (plant-plankton) like these PyroDinos are responsible for most of the oxygen in our atmosphere.  Every other breath we take can be attributed to these tiny algae.  A thank you would be in order..    

Bio-Orb daytime nighttime

During nighttime hours, PyroDinos generate light-generating compounds that allow the PyroDinos to produce light (bioluminescence) when disturbed or moved.

OctoStand on the beach cliffs 

Here is a video that shows the filling of the Bio-Orb at night on the OctoStand. 

Buy the Bio-Orb on the OctoStand today: HERE

Bio-Orb Instructions: HERE

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