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Bioluminescent Bloom in San Diego, CA

Bioluminescent Bloom in San Diego, CA

An algal bloom graces the beaches of Southern California after torrential rains wash tons of nutrients into the Pacific Ocean. After heavy rains, the runoff can trigger a bloom if the water conditions are right. It does not always happen but there is a strong correlation between heavy rains in the spring and fall and these spontaneous blooms.

Also knows as a red tide these events were rare in San Diego but now are occurring annually. It could be another sign of climate change.

bioluminescent beach san diego pyrofarms

 bioluminescent beach san diego by pyrofarms


Bioluminescent waves with the constellation Orion overhead.  

bioluminescent beach with constellation orion pyorfarms


PyroFarms grows this single-cell microalgae, which we call PyroDinos, on our PyroFarm in San Diego.  We grow them under filtered sunlight and supplemental LED lights, like a plant.  The cells photosynthesize, grow and divide creating more and more cells.    

PyroDinos bioluminescent dinoflagellates pyrofarms


Learn more about the PyroDinos that create this light: HERE

 Buy PyroDinos: HERE





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