Custom Dino-Tile on display

A Dino-Tile is an interactive, self-contained, bioluminescent dinoflagellate environment. This 1/4 Dino-Tile is approximately 43 inches long by 18 inches wide and is available from PyroFarms as a custom order.   PyroFarms can make 43-inch x 36-inch as well as 86-inch x 36-inch DinoTiles as a custom project.  Use the contact form or send your request to


 PyroFarms will be giving away this 43-inch Dino-Tile before the end of April.  To enter send us an email at and in a short paragraph (a few sentences) tell us what you want to do with it.  That's it. 


More Dino-Tile videos HERE

Buy a mini Dino-Tile HERE

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  • Wow, that is incredibly generous of you! May that spirit & cycle of giving and goodwill continue…

    But boy, I am so bummed to have missed this giveaway! This would be a perfect enhancement to the lighting & the vibe I’m working to create here at my Oasis.
    Hopefully someday soon, I’ll have the opportunity to make it happen…

    Tiffany Blue

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