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Bio Orb - dinoflagellate micro-aquarium

Bio Orb - dinoflagellate micro-aquarium

The Bio Orb is a Objet d'art, lesson plan, sealife aquarium and conversation piece all in one little 4 inch glass sphere. 

Beautiful during the day and fascinating at night, The Bio Orb will provide natural light (bioluminescence) night after night with minimal care.  

The Bio Orb micro-aquarium is made from recycled glass and comes with a natural cork to minimize evaporation.  Bioluminescent dinoflagellates are provided in nutrient-enriched seawater.  What is a dinoflagellate?  CLICK HERE

Want one as a gift (...for yourself)? CLICK HERE


Sylvia Torrez

Just got ours yesterday and, my kids are in awe! Thank you

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