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NEW Limited Edition Bio-Orbs

NEW Limited Edition Bio-Orbs

PyroFarms is now offering limited edition Bio-Orbs.  These Biolumiescent Bio-Orbs are hand made hand-blown recycled glass and are limited in quantity.  PyroFarms' email list subscribers will have first access to these limited collections. Sign Up Here

limited edition Bio-Orb

These Bio-Orbs will include two pouches (20 oz) of living PyroDinos and 7oz of DinoNutrients, same as our standard Large Bio-Orbs.   


Some will be stand-alone Bio-Orbs that will sit on a ring stand.   Some will come with the highly popular Octo-Stand (see below)

limited edition Bio-Orb fill

The Clear Swirl Orb is a popular limited edition Bio-Orb

limited edition Bio-Orb

limited edition Bio-Orb

watch the fill and swirl video

Check out our available 'Limited Edition' Bio-Orbs HERE

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Yeah- this is cool but I just want to watch some more bioluminescent videos: HERE


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