Glowing Nature exhibit in the Netherlands

PyroFarms dinoflagellates (PyroDinos) were used in Studio Roosegaarde's Glowing Nature.

GLOWING NATURE showcased the beauty of nature through a unique encounter between humans, biology, and technology.

Glowing Nature PyroDinos

Thousands of liters were grown and transported overseas to the Netherlands for this unique exhibit. Glowing Nature was an interactive bioluminescent experience using PyroDinos (bioluminescent dinoflagellates).

PyroDinos from Glowing Nature

The Glowing Nature installation enabled visitors to interact with the PyroDinos in an actual World War II bunker on a dike that protects the Netherlands.

Glowing Nature Dino-Tilie

PyroFarms sells small desktop versions of these interactive tiles. 

We call these interactive tiles  'Dino-Tiles'

Dino-Tile Glowing Nature

See some CATS dancing on DINO-TILES: HERE


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