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The difference between Phosphorescence, Fluorescence and Bioluminescence

The difference between Phosphorescence, Fluorescence and Bioluminescence

At PyroFarms when we say 'Grow the Glow' we are referring to natural bioluminescence. 

Bioluminescence is the biochemical emission of light by a living organism.  Our PyroDinos are living dinoflagellates that are also referred to as 'algae' due to their plant-like properties. 

PyroDinos absorb light during the day (converting light to chemical energy) and have the ability to produce natural light at night via a biochemical reaction.  This naturally produced light is bioluminescence. 

bioluminescence: biochemical reaction

PyroDino bioluminescence only occurs at night.  As the night progresses the bioluminescent potential increases.  Thus you will see more bioluminescence later in the night as the PyroDinos will have more time to make the components for the 'light producing' biochemical reaction.  


Fluorescence does occur in nature.  Biofluorescence is the absorption of wavelengths from the visible light spectrum by fluorescent proteins in a living organism and the emission of light at a lower energy level (a different color light). 

Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light.  This absorption and emission are typically instant.  The FluoroSphere is based on fluorescence.  

The FluoroSphere uses a battery powered light base which supplies the initial light.  The light base emission is blue and difficult to see in a dark room.  The FluoroSphere is filled with water and placed on the light base.  Red FluoroGel is added to the FluoroSphere.  As the red FluoroGel dissolves into the water it becomes fluorescent and emits yellow-green light. 

FluoroSpheres TWO

The light from the light base is absorbed and released as a different color (yellow).


the emission of radiation - glowing sphere

Phosphorescence is the emission of light in a similar manner to fluorescence but on a longer timescale, so that emission continues after excitation ceases. 

The cover photo shown below is an example of bioluminescence (from a Dino-Tile) emanating from the lower right corner of the Dino-Tile.  The glowing sphere is displaying phosphorescence.  The Sphere is emitting light it absorbed earlier in the day.


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The FluoroSphere





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