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PyroDinos Released into the Wild (Video)

PyroDinos Released into the Wild (Video)

Several years ago, a single dinoflagellate cell was isolated off the coast of the San Diego by Scripps Institute of Oceanography researchers.  This single dinoflagellate was the species Pyrocystis fusiformis, which reproduce asexually via cell division. 

In the span of two weeks, one Pyrocystis cell will divide into two new Pyrocystis cells.   From this single Pyrocystis fusiformis dinoflagellate, Trillions of new dinoflagellates have been grown at PyroFarms' facility in San Diego California.  

PyroDinos dinoflagellates  

At PyroFarms we call our Pyrocystis fusiformis dinoflagellates, 'PyroDinos'.  Here, PyroDinos are pictured under a microscope.  PyroDinos get to be nearly 900um long or almost a full millimeter, which is rather big for a single cell.

PyroDinos do a host of important things for us.  

PyroDinos produce fresh Oxygen for us to breathe

PyroDinos sequester CO2 and other noxious compounds from the environment thus combating global warming on a global scale.

PyroDinos are an integral part of the Ocean food chain 

And maybe not important, but nonetheless beautiful and inspiring so in our minds important, they produce a natural blue light at night (bioluminescence).


Once in a while we will take any excess PyroDinos grown at PyroFarms and release them back into the Ocean.  It is a beautiful and inspiring sight as shown in this short video:


Bioluminescent Beach Party Full Video:

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