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A Video Guide to Feeding your PyroDinos

A Video Guide to Feeding your PyroDinos

This video will guide you on feeding your PyroDinos to ensure they thrive and mesmerize you with their beautiful bioluminescence. From Daily Light and Temperature requirements to when and when not to feed them with our specially formulated DinoNutrients, we'll guide you through each step to ensure the well-being of your PyroDinos.

PyroDinos are a species of single-celled microalgae that are renowned for their longevity and ease of care. Care is similar to that of a leafy houseplant. PyroDinos thrive with daily exposure to light, whether natural filtered/indirect or artificial. For the best possible health, PyroFarms recommends the addition of DinoNutrients when in growth phase.

PyroDinos tend to aggregate at the waterline when the lighting is optimal for their natural processes. However, excessive or overly bright lighting can deter this behavior. Here's a suggestion to enhance their performance:

  1. Adjust Lighting: Try reducing (or increasing) the lighting intensity, both direct and indirect. Too much light may be preventing the PyroDinos from aggregating at the waterline. Aim for a more subdued lighting environment.
  2. Daily Swirls: Incorporate gentle daily swirls in the water to encourage air exchange and interaction among the PyroDinos. This can simulate natural conditions and promote aggregation.
  3. Observation: Keep an eye on their behavior after making these adjustments. If you notice positive changes, continue with the modified conditions.

Remember that these living organisms can exhibit variations in behavior, and adjustments may be needed to find the optimal conditions for your PyroDinos. Additionally, you may feed them Dinonutrients or Blue Boost DinoNutrients once the aggregation at the waterline is achieved.

DinoNutrients and Blue Boost DinoNutrients are similar can be used interchangeably. DinoNutrients are Filtered Purified and Enriched Pacific Ocean Seawater. DinoNutrients are enriched with Nitrogen, Phosphate, trace minerals and vitamins. Blue Boost are DinoNutrients with added antimicrobial and UV protection.


Bio-Orbs should be maintained between 1/4 to 3/4 full. Bio-Orb owners can either pour off the excess PyroDinos down the drain or into a new container for further growth.

For DYI and high volume expansion of your PyroDino culture we can provide artificial sea salts and concentrated DinoNurient solutions. Please contact us at for concentrated DinoNurient solutions.

Follow our tips and watch as your PyroDinos illuminate your space with their enchanting glow. For more information, visit our website or contact our customer support team at Happy PyroDino-keeping!


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