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The GrowPro Plus System - The Ultimate PyroDino Growing Kit

Unlock the captivating world of PyroDinos (glowing microalgae) with the GrowPro Plus System, the complete starter kit designed to help you Grow Like a Pro. This advanced system offers everything you need to cultivate and expand your own PyroDinos, making it ideal for culture expansion and classroom experimentation. Prepare to embark on an illuminating journey with this revolutionary kit!

The GrowPro System features a large one-liter polycarbonate flask, providing an optimal environment for PyroDino maintenance and expansion. With ample space and superior durability, this flask ensures the perfect conditions for your PyroDinos to thrive and multiply. The high-quality polycarbonate material ensures longevity and offers a crystal-clear view of the mesmerizing PyroDinos within.

Included in the kit are two pouches of PyroDinos (400ml total - over 60,000 PyroDinos cells) and one 280ml pouch of DinoNutrients (Nutrient enriched sterile seawater). These PyroDinos are not only safe and non-toxic but also incredibly easy to care for, making them an excellent choice for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

1 x 1000ml GrowPro Plus Flask with vented caps

2 x 200ml (7oz) PyroDino Spout Pouch

1 x 280ml DinoNutrients Spout Pouch

1 LED Programmable Grow Light

Detailed instructions

PyroDinos require daily light (like a plant) and moderate temperatures. Temperature range: 9C to 31C (48F to 88F)

During nighttime hours (dark cycle) the PyroDinos will illuminate your flask with their ethereal glow, creating a captivating display of natural beauty.

To further enhance your PyroDino growing experience, the GrowPro System features a programmable LED grow light. This simple but effective lighting solution is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of PyroDinos, ensuring they receive the ideal light spectrum and intensity for optimal growth. Customize the lighting schedule to mimic natural sunlight and watch as your PyroDinos flourish before your eyes.

Whether you're a science enthusiast, an educator, or simply fascinated by the wonders of nature, the GrowPro Plus System is the ultimate tool for unlocking the secrets of glowing microalgae. Wade into the world of PyroDinos and witness their mesmerizing glow as they thrive and multiply within the state-of-the-art GrowPro flask. With this comprehensive kit you'll have everything you need to embark on your own illuminating journey of discovery.

Experience the magic of PyroDinos with the GrowPro Plus System. Get ready to Grow Like a Pro and bring the captivating glow of microalgae into your world. Order your kit today and unleash the power of nature's living light show.

GrowPro Plus Instructions:

About PyroDinos

PyroDinos are bioluminescent marine plankton classified as Pyrocystis fusiformis (aka dinoflagellates). 

PyroDinos use light to grow (like a plant) and glow blue at night when disturbed.  The natural light produced by these plankton is called Bioluminescence.  PyroDinos will only light up at night, in the dark when gently swirled or shaken. 

These microalgae exhibit a circadian cycle, photosynthesis, produce oxygen, sequester CO2, and are the basis of the ocean food web. 

PyroDinos will not survive more than 5 or 6 consecutive days without daily light.  


We have been growing and selling dinoflagellates since 2011 and guarantee all our dinoflagellates for 60 days after arrival. 


It is recommended to open the shipping box within 24 hours of arrival.  These little microalgae need light!

Live PyroDinos are shipped using USPS Priority Mail.  Orders are shipped Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays to prevent weekend delays in shipping.  Tracking will be provided once shipped. 

Shipments to regions experiencing extreme temperatures may be held until moderate temperatures prevail.  Extremes: over 92F or under 35F 

International Shipping: Most international orders will ship on a Monday or Friday.  A phone number is required on all international orders (for the carrier/Customs).  Any duties and taxes will be payable by the purchaser.     

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