A deeper dive into PyroDinos

What are PyroDinos?

We are PyroFarms and we Grow the Glow.  PyroFarms grows a bioluminescent dinoflagellate known as Pyrocystis fusiformis.  We call them PyroDinos.  PyroDinos are single-cell algae that live in oceans around the world.  They are very small but still visible to the naked eye.  Fully grown, PyroDinos can reach the length of a single millimeter (0.038 inches).  


PyroDinos are considered ‘immortal’ cells.  Their typical lifespan is seven to ten days however they can proliferate indefinitely via asexual reproduction (cell division).  About every week to ten days a fully-grown PyroDino can divide into two PyroDinos and so on, thus they are considered immortal.  

Fun Fact: Our PyroDinos have been growing continually for several years.  One PyroDino cell was originally isolated off the coast of San Diego years ago.  From that one cell, trillions of PyroDinos have been grown.

 Ocean Life = PyroFarms

PyroDinos will slow down their growth when not fed weekly or bi-monthly.  In the absence of routine feedings, PyroDinos will continue to light up at night but will dramatically slow down their proliferation.  PyroDinos like to be fed DinoNutrients to maintain their healthy growth.

PyroDinos obtain energy from sunlight through photosynthesis.  In nature the sun is their main source of energy.  However in small environments like the Bio Orb it is best to use low to moderate artificial lighting that does not cause the PyroDinos to heat up during the day. 


Even though PyroDinos are classified as dinoflagellates they lose their two flagella in the early stages of development.  Like any plant, PyroDinos are non-motile (they can not move on their own).  They can control their buoyancy (their depth in the water column).  Most PyroDino owners will see a bunch of dinoflagellates near the top of their environment.  This is a sign of good health.