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Bio-Orb Upgraded

Bio-Orb Upgraded

PyroFarms has increased the size of the hole in the top of the Bio-Orb from 10mm to 15mm.  With this increase, we have increased the size of the silicone stopper and the hole allowing air-flow.  The new stopper and larger hole will allow everyone to leave their Bio-Orb stopper in all the time, except for the periodic feedings. 

Bio-Orb with stopper out

Your PyroDinos will now enjoy plenty of air-exchange with limited evaporation and contamination.  The old suggestion of leaving the Stopper out or resting at an angle will no longer apply. 

And you will still have the same great nighttime performance with less hassle and worry. 


Bio-Orbs shipped in June 2020 and thereafter most likely have the larger hole.  Here is an image of the two silicone stoppers side by side.  Notice the complete and open air-hole in the larger stopper.  

Bio-Orb Stoppers

PyroFarms will always be searching for new ways to present an optimal environment for our PyroDinos.   

Bio-Orb instructions

Purchase a Large Bio-Orb




When will the upgraded Bio-Orb (Increase top hole at 15mm) will become available ?

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