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Bioluminescent Ball at the Beach

Bioluminescent Ball at the Beach

Not everyone can make it to the beach to observe natural bioluminescence.  However, most anyone can now bring the wonder and amazement into their home. 

Bioluminescent beach

The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb is a handblown glass orb filled with Pacific Ocean seawater and bioluminescent marine algae, PyroDinos.      See it in action here:


Here are some recent images of the Bioluminescent event in Southern California. 

E and E at the bioluminescent beach

scripps pier

bioluminescent beach and stars Orien

Learn more about the dinoflagellates that make this blue light: HERE

See a video of bioluminescent waves rolling into the beach: HERE

Buy a bioluminescent Bio-Orb:  HERE



Which beach was this at?

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