The FluoroSphere goes next level (video)

We occasionally have fun here at PyroFarms while we research and develop our new ideas.  Here is the prototype of our new FluoroSphere with a two-color fluorescent dye combination.  In this test run, we use our currently available FluoroGel which yields a yellow-green fluorescence and add in some red FluoroGel which takes the FluoroShow to a new level.  Watch as the red and green dyes dance together to create some FluoroMagic. 



More about the FluoroSphere: HERE

Buy a FluoroSphere here


  • What an amaing form of art, life and sustainablity. I am in awe. How can we get this into our mainstream society and use for practical applications? We need to make this hapen.

  • Spectacular!!!!

    Kathy Berlin

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