PyroDino Instructions

Remove PyroDino Spout Pouch from the packaging immediately after arrival.

PyroDinos require daily light and moderate temperatures to survive.

Place PyroDino Spout Pouch in a location that receives low to moderate lighting during daytime hours. 

Typical room or office lighting supplemented with indirect (not direct) sunlight is best

NO Direct Sunlight or any lighting that adds heat (indirect sunlight OK)

Ideal Temperature:  63F to 79F (17C – 26C).  Try to minimize temperature fluctuations.  

It is beneficial (but not required) to loosen the cap during daytime hours.  The goal is to increase air-exchange while limiting evaporation.

It is beneficial (but not required) to gently swirl PyroDinos once a day, during daytime hours (with the cap tightly closed).

Viewing Bioluminescence

View bioluminescence during nighttime hours (after 7 pm) in a darkened area.  Swirl pouch gently to induce light.   PyroDinos will not light up during daytime hours - even in a darkened room!    

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Maintenance feeding:
Add small amounts of DinoNutrients
(5%-10% of total volume) once every 2 weeks.


PyroDino instructions


PyroDino Tips and instructions