Holiday Gifting PyroDinos (Bioluminescent Algae)

Giving a Bio-Orb as a holiday gift is a thoughtful, cool way to say something smart about you and person you are buying for.  However, giving a living gift is not as easy as giving a pet rock or bag of rocks. Here is a guide on how to gift living PyorDinos (algae).

Best Methods (in US only):

Bio-Orb Gift Option

Bio-Orb with OctoStand Gift Option

Bio-Vase with OctoStand Gift Option



All Gift Options includes the glass Bio-Orb micro-aquarium, instructions and a PyroDino Card, redeemable for PyroDinos and DinoNutrients - shipped anywhere in the US (no charge).  The Bio-Orb Gift Option does not arrive with any living PyroDinos so there is no care involved.  When the gift recipient is ready to receive their living PyroDinos they can do so online at their leisure and there are no added costs for them to redeem the living PyroDinos.     Bio-Orb Gift Option


Option 2 - Buy a complete Bio-Orb and babysit the Dinos 

When you purchase a Bio-Orb you will receive a pouch of PyroDinos with your Bio-Orb. Open the box within 24 hours of arrival 


When the Bio-Orb package arrives, simply take the PyroDino spout pouch out of the box and put the PyroDino spout pouch in a lighted location that gets low to moderate room lighting during daytime hours. (typical room lighting is fine)

PyroDinos daytime algae

PyroDinos require light during daytime hours and cannot be without light for more than 4 consecutive days!

PyroDinos left in their spout pouch will be healthy for 6 weeks as long as they receive the required daytime lighting (typical room lighting is fine). 

TIP: You can gently shake the PyroDino pouch at night in the dark and see it light up.  Make sure it is nighttime (after 7pm) and you are in a dark room!

When its gift giving time you may gift wrap the PyroDinos and Bio-Orb and give them as a gift as long as the gift is opened within 3 days and the Pouch of PyroDinos is re-introduced into a lighted room or into the Bio-Orb environment.

other considerations:

When flying we recommend putting the PyroDino spout pouch in your checked luggage or TSA will take your PyroDinos from your carry-on bag.

When traveling, try to avoid subjecting the PyroDino pouch to extreme temperatures.  example: Don’t leave them in a car overnight if the temperature will drop below freezing.  

You may order a Bio-Orb anytime from now to December 20th to get the shipment before Christmas.


Bio-Orb Gift Option

Bio-Orb with OctoStand Gift Option

Bio-Vase with OctoStand Gift Option